Product Spotlight: H.C. Valentine Awesome Breakfast Loose Leaf Tea

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Our H.C. Valentine Awesome Breakfast loose leaf tea is truly one of a kind. Read about the exotic and versatile flavor profiles of this amazing tea!

Marshall Malone, Tea Category Manager for Royal Cup, says that Awesome Breakfast is his “favorite tea in the whole world”. But, what makes it so special? In short, it’s the sum of its parts.

Unlike Irish breakfast tea, which is typically an 80-20 mix of Assam and Ceylon teas, or an English breakfast tea, which is 80-20 mix Ceylon and Assam teas, our breakfast tea is a mixture of Assam (or historically Chinese blends), Ceylon, Darjeeling, and Yunnan teas.

The Flavor Profile:

Because of its unique mixture of teas, our Awesome Breakfast blend has good weight and a one-of-a-kind flavor profile. The Assam adds a malty note, the Ceylon adds a raisin note, the Yunnan adds a cedar note, and the Darjeeling rounds out the blend with a floral, muscatel flavor. The result? An exceptional breakfast tea that’s self-drinking enough to enjoy all day without milk or sugar.

Marshall says that if you steep the tea at 3 minutes, you’ll taste more raisin notes, but steep it at 4 minutes and you’ll experience more of a floral flavor. This tea in particular extracts best with boiling hot water.

Origin and Sourcing:

Awesome Breakfast tea is Fair Trade and Organic certified, meaning it’s ethically harvested in the orthodox manner with high altitude teas sourced from the Assam region of India; Ceylon region of Sri Lanka; Yunnan region of China; and Darjeeling region in India.

How to use Awesome Breakfast:

To brew our Awesome Breakfast tea, we suggest putting a scoop (or about 2 Tbsp.) of the loose tea into a Teaze tea infuser or tea sachet and steeping in boiling water for 3-4 minutes to make a 16 oz serving.

To purchase H.C. Valentine Organic Awesome Breakfast visit our online shop here or talk to your Royal Cup account represetative.