Royal Cup’s Guide to Celebrating National Gourmet Coffee Day

Reading time: 2 minutes

In case you didn’t realize, today is National Gourmet Coffee Day  –  a day of celebration in honor of the crème de la crème of coffees! Regardless of how you take it, there is nothing better than a home-brewed cup of high-quality, specialty-grade coffee. If you’re new to the world of coffee, it can be a bit overwhelming knowing how or where to get started. To best prepare you to fully enjoy your gourmet coffee today and throughout 2019, our team has pulled together a short guide to help get you started!

Buy some H.C. Valentine Coffee 

What better way to ring in National Gourmet Coffee Day than by indulging in our finest specialty-grade offering: the venerable H.C. Valentine line! From seasonal single-origin delights to our beloved house blend, we offer numerous gourmet coffees that are sure to satisfy even the most sophisticated palates. Visit to learn more about the story behind the brand and range of artisan coffees.

Invest in a quality coffee maker  

If you haven’t already, go ahead and invest in a high-quality coffee maker. You really do get what you pay for, especially if you opt to utilize a standard drip brewer versus more specialized equipment such as a Chemex or French Press. There are some wonderful options available in both department stores and on, but – considering how many brands and models are on the market – be sure to read the customer reviews so you know exactly what you’re getting! 

Grind your own beans to perfection

A perfectly roasted whole coffee bean is a beautiful thing. Particularly with gourmet and specialty-grade coffees, buying pre-ground coffee can expose the delicate internal components of the coffee beans to contamination, oxygen and moisture while simultaneously depleting its carbon dioxide content, which plays a critical role in the proper release of essential coffee oils. So, today especially, try a more authentic approach and grind your own beans. Remember – it’s very important to calibrate your grind to the optimal size for the brewing equipment you plan to use.

Keep your coffee at the right temperature

Gourmet coffee is best served hot, but at the very least you cannot let it go cold! Once you have brewed your coffee and are ready to head out, it’s a great idea to find a container that keeps your coffee secure and hot simultaneously. While there are a lot of thermoses out there that claim to keep your beverages warm, gourmet coffee drinkers should invest in a high-quality brand that will keep your beverage at the perfect temperature as well as stand the tests of high use and time.

Buy a mug you absolutely love

If you prefer to enjoy your coffee at home or at the office, there’s something special about pairing a delicious coffee with a mug that you absolutely love. If you want to make a real statement, consider purchasing a handcrafted ceramic mug – it will say a lot about your style and personality. Or, if you’re into the latest and greatest technologies, spring for an innovative mug that allows you to regulate the coffee temperature to your preference. With this mug, you’ll be a coffee drinker of the future!

Take a trip

For the true gourmet coffee enthusiasts, take a trip to one of America’s great coffee towns. Immerse yourself in the city’s culture and experience all the coffee you can while learning about the intricate process that brings delicious coffee straight to your cup. If you’re in our hometown of Birmingham, there are a number of amazing coffee shops and restaurants that serve our coffees! We promise you won’t be disappointed.

However you decide to celebrate National Gourmet Coffee Day, be sure to take the time to enjoy every sip. Happy National Gourmet Coffee Day, everyone!