Royal Cup Coffee and Tea: Proud Event Host of 2016 SCAA Expo

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Royal Cup Coffee and Tea is incredibly excited to be the official event host for the 2016 SCAA Expo April 14-17 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Specialty coffee is just that, special. We are proud of our involvement nation wide in the world of specialty coffee and how it is changing the coffee landscape. We're also incredibly excited to sponsor the 2016 SCAA Expo and the incredible events associated with this landmark event!

We wanted to share the letter that our CEO Bill Smith has written to welcome everyone to this incredible event. Enjoy!

From the SCAA Expo event page - Royal Cup, Inc. is proud to sponsor the Specialty Coffee Association of America’s annual expo in Atlanta—a city with an iconic coffee history and burgeoning specialty coffee market. The South has a long tradition of hospitality, which is a staple of our rich culture and value system. Royal Cup’s southern roots run deep and are the product of seeds planted here long ago by my ancestors. Looking back, I can say with confidence that their warm, welcoming persona and friendly demeanor was certainly an important factor in the incredible growth and longevity our company continues to experience today. With that, on behalf of the entire Smith and Royal Cup family—past and present, I’m honored to carry on those traditions and welcome all of you to this year’s SCAA expo! 

For more than 30 years, the SCAA has spearheaded initiatives that can be attributed directly to the industry’s rapid growth and success. It is no mistake that our own Ben Pitts, president of foodservice and hospitality at Royal Cup, serves a vital role on the SCAA board pioneering new strategies that keep the industry’s trajectory pointed upwards. 

At Royal Cup, we strive to add to the industry’s successes and strength by optimizing and challenging the specialty coffee market with innovative, high-quality sustainable products and services. Nearly 120 years ago in Birmingham, Ala., a man with a vision—Henry T. Batterton—sold coffee from his horse-drawn wagon. Batterton’s coffee was considered so fresh and flavorful that local residents nicknamed it the “royal cup” of coffee. More than a century later, my family and countless dedicated employees have continued to pour that same passion for excellence into each blend of coffee we produce. 

When we look beyond our company’s walls, we see that same passion evident across a myriad of industry verticals—in coffee shops large and small, and from small-batch roasters to industry-leading specialists roasting 1,000 pounds per hour. Specialty coffee is just that—special. It’s crafted with care, thoughtfully sourced with a keen eye, processed and roasted with love, and consumed with appreciation. Specialty coffee’s appeal isn’t for those who simply drink coffee—it’s for those who want to experience every drop. This is truly an exciting time for our industry, and it is a pleasure to watch it grow in leaps and bounds. 

Here at the 2016 SCAA Expo, our mutual respect for the craft and continued pursuit of excellence meet at the crossroads of creation. We’ll share ideas. We’ll cultivate relationships. We’ll refine our craft. But most importantly, we’ll come together not in the spirit of competition but in the spirit of camaraderie. Why? Because we truly are part of something special. 

From all of us at Royal Cup, thank you to the dedicated industry professionals who have made this event possible, and many thanks to the SCAA for the vital work its team has accomplished and continues to pursue. We look forward to sharing our insights and learning from each and every one of you. We’re confident this year’s Expo will be the best one yet! 

With my warmest welcome and regards, 

Bill Smith
Chief Executive Officer
Royal Cup, Inc. 

For more information on the SCAA Expo visit and get your tickets as soon as you can!