Royal Cup Rebrand Q&A: Prideland

Reading time: 1 minute

The Royal Cup team is thrilled to introduce you to Prideland, one of the coffee and tea lines at the heart of our brand.  We wanted to take a few minutes to answer some of the most important questions you may have about Prideland and discuss this great line of products! 

What differentiates Prideland?

We are a family-owned business that has succeeded for more than 120 years by never compromising our values of quality, reliability and service. Prideland is a testament to that unwavering commitment, offering a practical, straightforward beverage solution for every person – good cup at a great price. We understand our customers value consistency and predictability, which is why the quality and taste of our products are as reliable as the sun rising in the east and setting in the west.

Who was the Prideland brand made for?

Prideland is designed for the honest, hardworking early risers and late-shift grinders who rely on every sip to fuel their days and nights. Prideland coffee and tea offerings were crafted to fuel the fire in the down-to-earth individuals who serve as the heartbeat of our nation.

Why should I drink Prideland products?

At its core, Prideland brings immense value built on a foundation of good products that have been strategically selected to ensure an affordable price. This brand is reinforced by the dependable service offered by of our team and expected by our customers.

Does Prideland offer both hot and iced teas?

Of course! Prideland offers a variety of hot and iced tea options to satisfy any taste buds. Our hot teas are available in various flavors, including black tea, decaf black tea, green tea and chamomile tea. Our iced teas are black tea in a filter pack at an assortment of throw weights.

Can I offer Prideland products at my business?

Absolutely! Royal Cup may be an international brand, but our teams live and work in the communities in which our consumers operate. We understand the needs and desires of our partners and their customers, which is why we make sure Prideland products arrive properly and on time through our nationwide route-delivery system made up of over 1,000 dedicated employees in all 50 states.

We hope you enjoy these quality and dependable coffees and teas!


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