Royal Cup's Sloss Fest '16 Playlist

Reading time: 1 minute

We know you're excited about Sloss Fest but, does it feel like time is dragging by? We can help.

Sloss Fest is barely over 1 month away! It feels like Christmas in July. But, like Christmas, it can't seem to get here fast enough.

That being said we've created a short music sampler with Sloss Fest artists to help the time go by faster. We've based this playlist around some artists that you may not have had the chance to experience yet. While we're excited about all of the bands performing at Sloss Fest, we thought we'd add some of the newer flavor to our Sloss Fest mix. Look for the playlist to have more of an electronic feel with some new and established names in their respective genres.

We hope you enjoy, simply click the image below & turn it up!