Saving Energy: A Bright Idea

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There’s a reason the light bulb is synonymous with good ideas. It’s the light bulb that took us from annoying wax candles and allowed us to illuminate our streets, houses and cities. It makes sense then that here at Royal Cup we start Sustainability with the basics, like a light bulb.

When we first started taking stock of our Headquarters’ environmental impact we realized that there were common areas that did not need constant lighting.  These copy rooms, bathrooms and common work area light switches were then swapped out with motion sensors to save energy. 

Taking that step even further over the past 2 weeks we’ve worked tirelessly to swap out our entire lighting systems from typical coil light bulbs to brand new, energy conserving LED bulbs from Philips Lighting. These bulbs will save 750,000 kilowatts of energy by 2017 and lessen our carbon footprint as a business.

Our leadership team was so excited they couldn't help but get hands on with the LED swap out:


Jim Smith and Bill Smith III of Royal Cup Coffee and Tea

  “I am excited to join other Royal Cuppers in doing our part for improved sustainability, starting with these LED light conversions”

  – Bill Smith III CEO Royal Cup


Light bulbs are just a simple example of what we as businesses can do to help reduce our impact on the environment. We encourage our partners, vendors and loyal customers to do the same and find other ways to help reduce our impact on the environment.

A journey begins with a first step. While we are in the first steps of our journey we are incredibly excited about where Royal Cup is headed and what the future holds. If you would like to see what other steps we have taken over the past year to help with our Sustainability initiative then take a look at our latest Sustainability Report HERE