Selecting the Right Coffee for Every Time of Day

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Are you an aspiring coffee connoisseur in search for the best morning boost? Maybe you just started a new job and are looking for the ideal afternoon pick-me-up. We know choosing the best coffee option, especially if you are new coffee drinker, can sometimes be overwhelming and intimidating (though you can’t really go wrong in our opinion!) So, we listed a few of our favorite coffee types below and the best time of day to enjoy them!




A latte is known to be a classic morning wake up beverage, and for good reason. It’s the milkiest form of coffee and often paired with a medium to dark roast coffee. During warmer weather, add ice to your latte for a refreshing caffeinated twist.

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A cappuccino is the heavenly cup of coffee made from a shot of espresso and frothed milk. It is also typically consumed in the morning. Did you know that cappuccinos help curb cravings? Because the milk’s lactose and fat content provides an energy boost for the day, it makes it more filling than some other coffee options. That being said, pairing a cappuccino with a lighter meal for balance is a perfect way to begin your day or to enjoy a mid-day brunch.

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A mocha is a great way to treat yourself mid-afternoon with chocolatey goodness and the perfect kick of caffeine to finish out the workday. Since it’s filling like a cappuccino, it’s a great morning beverage as well. (Is anyone sad about mocha in the morning? Not us!) Made from a full-bodied coffee, hot milk and cocoa powder, this one is a crowd pleaser. If you want even more decadence, top if off with whipped cream!

Using our Signature French Roast Coffee as a base brings out deep notes of chocolate and has an intense sweet aroma. 



Struggling to stay up and alert after a delicious afternoon lunch? You’ll probably want to reach for an espresso. An espresso gives you that extra boost because it’s a shot of concentrated coffee, made by forcing hot water at high pressure through finely-ground coffee beans. It’s often consumed at the end of a meal, as the strength of the caffeine in the espresso can help to overcome any sleepiness the meal brings on. Traditionally, an espresso would be the preferred choice of coffee to drink in the afternoon or evening as it does not contain milk.

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A cup of americano

An Americano is an espresso with extra water, which some prefer to the strong flavor of a straight espresso. Either a single or a double shot of espresso, depending on your personal preference, plus hot water make a larger drink than an espresso shot. An Americano is a solid coffee choice at any time of the day.

Since you’ve now got our lineup of the best coffees to consume throughout the day, it’s your turn to select and enjoy your own delicious cup of caffeinated bliss!


*Written by Ashley Moore


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