The Sum of Us: Mother's Day

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At Royal Cup we take a lot of pride in our greatest asset; our people. And while we love to brag about our people sometimes it’s best to step aside and let them talk about their experience with Royal Cup in their own words.  Since this week is Mother’s Day we thought it’d be appropriate to let one of our incredible working moms have the floor to tell their story on balancing work/life and wrangling kids. With that we are proud to introduce everyone to Michelle Scott a Senior Account Manager for our Office Coffee division based in Washington DC-

Transitioning from a young professional to a working mom is a considerable change.  The days of only worrying about getting yourself out the door and stainless clothes are days of the past.  Although working mom life is no walk in the park, it is fulfilling in an extraordinary way.  Day to day schedules are full; packed with early morning workout routines, daycare and school drop off, work all day, pick up, baseball practice, dinner, play time, books, bath, bed, making lunches for the next day…and then it starts all over. 

The satisfying part is looking at my children and knowing that I am working to provide an amazing life for them.             

A favorite memory I have as a young working mom was when news of my pregnancies (I have a 4 year old son and an almost 2 year old daughter) reached my fellow coworkers.  When I was pregnant with my son, I was the only woman working in the Washington DC office at the time and they threw me a huge, surprise baby shower. 

Imagine it: a room full of grown men who decorated the conference room with baby decorations and watched me open boxes of baby clothes, thermometers, diaper genies, and toys.  It was an amazing day and it made me feel such support from my team.  They knew I would be going out on maternity leave and when I got back, things would be different.  I would be a mom.  But that didn’t mean I wouldn’t do my job with the same enthusiasm and diligence as I did PB (pre-baby).

Being a working mom and finding that balance is hard work but it helps me appreciate all of the time I do have with my kids.  Even at a young age, my children know the importance of family time, weekends, and routines.  They are my priority and because of that, I work.  I am just lucky enough to work for a company who is great to working moms.


For more on Michelle follow her on Instagram at @mliomich