The Sum of Us: Nathan - Territory Manager, Austin, Texas

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Each month we visit with one of Royal Cup's stellar personnel! This month we talk with Nathan! Who serves as our "feet on the street" in Austin/San Antonio.

We love to feature the different faces around Royal Cup in our monthly employee spotlight, which we call The Sum of Us. This month we talk with Nathan, who is our one of our territory managers. Our territory managers are the men and women who bring fresh coffee and tea to your door.  The territory managers keep our clients stocked with the best coffee and tea around while juggling service, sales and more! Nathan has an awesome territory and has been a top performer for Royal Cup over the past few years. Everyone welcome Nathan!

Meet Nathan: 

Hi everyone! I'm Nathan Woodward - Territory Manager in Austin/San Antonio. I've been with Royal Cup 2 years. I am in charge of growing a new area for the West OCS Division which consist of Austin, San Antonio, and all encompassing areas. Needless to say I get a lot of windshield time!

We’re sure you’re doing your part to keep Austin weird and San Antonio awesome. For those of us who have not visited yet, tell us in one sentence what makes Austin/San Antonio great.

Austin is a fantastic city if you love live music, it's considered the live music capital of the world so if you can't find something to do, you might be a fun sponge. As for San Antonio, REAL Mexican food, great margaritas, and of course the Spurs!

Tell us about a unique location you serve that stands out to you. 

Some of our clientele have offices along Congress Avenue in Austin which have exceptional views of the Texas capital. It's always nice to be able to take time out of the busy day and enjoy a cup of coffee with a client and take in the floor to ceiling views of downtown.

If you could only drink one Royal Cup coffee (or tea) for the rest of your life what would it be?

As much as I love a good cup of coffee in the morning to get the wheels moving, It's no match for an espresso throughout the day. There is just something about that little shot, productivity at an instant.

What is your proudest accomplishment since being at Royal Cup? 

Within the first year of joining Royal Cup I was nominated for, and won "King of Allied." It was amazing to have such an instant impact in route growth. Although it goes with out saying that my managers were very instrumental with kicking the tires and lighting the fires.

What would you say separates Royal Cup from its competition? 

Not only do we sell outstanding coffee and teas but our best attribute has to be our people. Being a Cup'er means that you're supported by a system that works, and customers can see this. Not everybody has the chance to work for such a great company...but there are Sum of Us that do!