Through Our Eyes: Relationships Matter

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This month we hear from Brant, one of our stellar National Account Executives, about the importance of relationships in the coffee industry.

We are so proud of our people. From coast to coast, Royal Cup salesmen and saleswomen blanket this great country with incredible service and industry leading products. Our incredible personnel take pride in being experts in their given field. Below is a great example of our own Brant Bosley being featured in the latest update about the ALA Conference.

We hope you enjoy his piece on building meaningful relationships!


One of my favorite comedies is “Meet the Parents.” There is a scene where Jack Burns (Robert DeNiro) explains to Greg Focker (Ben Stiller) that in order to stay in the circle, he must be able to trust him. Once you break the trust, you are out of that infamous circle. How spot-on is that statement? It rings true in life – with family, friends and even business.

Just over 12 years ago, I joined forces with Royal Cup Coffee. As a third generation family-owned business, their vision and mantra of customer centricity matched mine perfectly. We both truly value the idea and process of customer relationships that goes much deeper than providing coffee and stir sticks to our clients. For that reason, I was tasked with being “the ALA guy.” From that point forward, I went to every local business partner event, served coffee at Service Juris day, painted curbs at the YWCA with my clients and never missed exhibiting at a regional or national conference. Why? I did this to build trust, credibility, customer intimacy and ultimately friendships.

I know we are all tired of hearing this, but we live in a much different world today. Millennials are here to stay, social media owns our lives, people seem to never look away from their smartphones and tablets, and web-based research and due diligence are the norm. However, people still want to do business with people they like, and people they trust and feel comfortable with. This is why you want to maximize your relationship with your business partners. We need you there too!

I remember the ALA Annual Conference in Las Vegas quite a few years ago. Royal Cup had a party on top of the Stratosphere Hotel that included three deathdefying rides as part of the event. I happened to get on one of the rides with a woman who I had never met, and we both screamed our heads off and had the best time. Over the years, I saw her at many of the local, regional and national conferences and forged a great relationship and friendship that couldn’t have happened otherwise. She was not a client at the time, but after many years, she gave us the opportunity to service her firm. She told me the reason she chose Royal Cup was the fact that we “are always there, have a great reputation in the ALA community, and I feel like I can trust you.”

My wife always asks me when I get home from each conference or event, “Did you sell anything?” I tell her, “Not yet … but I did make some new friends.” Thank you for allowing me in your circle of trust.

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