Through Our Eyes: Washington DC's Ban on Styrofoam Products

Reading time: 2 minutes

Washington DC's Styrofoam™ ban means big changes happening around the country in the area of office sustainability. 

If you are a Washington DC based company you are probably aware of the Styrofoam™ ban that was put into law this year. If you are not aware of the ban here is what it encompasses - "The Sustainable DC Omnibus Amendment Act of 2014 bans the use of food service products made of expanded polystyrene, commonly known as foam or Styrofoam™. The ban began on January 1, 2016 and applies to all District businesses and organizations that serve food." 

If you are an office manager than this ban can mean headaches as you have to change your purchasing orders and transition your office from  Styrofoam™ products to more sustainable options. We asked our National Account Manager for Office Coffee, based in Washington DC, Michelle Scott to weigh in on this ban. 

From Michelle Scott - These days, going green is not only the right thing to do, it’s also the cool thing to do. Sustainability and caring about the environment are things to be proud of and one city is even making it a law. In January of 2016, Washington D.C. put a ban on using any and all Styrofoam™ products. Some may think, “who still uses styro anyway?” It may sound like an easy answer but, with companies watching spend and trying to get the most out of their dollar, Styrofoam™ products are a very cheap option. With this styro ban, all businesses who were still using the products have really had to up their game and look at options that are more environmentally friendly. This has given Royal Cup a great platform to educate clients about our eco products line and what it has to offer. When it comes to coffee, there is just something exciting about that hot cup of caffeine steaming from a paper cup, accessorized perfectly with a personalized sleeve and lid. It is a working moms dream, a commuter’s carry-on, and an employee’s safety net. The eco product hot cup not only symbolizes the value in having environmentally friendly products in the office but looks and feels as though you are in a café, grabbing a latte to take to work in the morning. The D.C. styro ban may have taken some businesses by surprise but the end result only lifts the nation’s capital into setting an important precedent. Go green – you don’t only feel better…you look better too.