Traceability: From Pod to Pour

Reading time: 1 minute

To serve great coffee you must first grow great coffee. 
At Royal Cup we've been tracing our coffee's origins for decades and today is no different.

It's not easy to trace a coffee beans' path. By the time a "green bean" (term for unroasted/raw coffee beans that have been plucked from the coffea tree) is cleaned, roasted, processed (possibly ground) shipped, packaged and reached your coffee pot it has been handled by literally hundreds of groups.  It is a little exhausting to think of how far just 1 little bean has to travel to help make one delicious cup of your morning brew.

However, just because something is not easy or a little more work does not mean it is not worth doing. At Royal Cup we maintain close ties with our coffee green bean suppliers. We regularly visit the farms and plantations that our beans are grown on and ensure working conditions are fair, the product is the finest available and that we are purchasing the right product we are promised. Our green bean purchasers retain personal relationships with our growers from Ethiopia, Brazil, Mexico and beyond to ensure consistency, quality and economic fairness throughout a coffee beans' travels.

From the moment our coffee beans leave the growers' farms we trace every movement from the farm to the buying areas, to shipping, to customs, to delivery to our facilities to be roasted/ground/packaged and shipped to all 50 states. If that sounds like a lot of work, it is.  But we believe in transparency with all we do and want to ensure that when you drink a cup of Royal Cup Coffee you are drinking Royal Cup and only Royal Cup, no additives, no cheap beans; only the finest. 

Our ultimate goal for our coffee is to clearly tell this amazing story to you, our loving consumer, and show just how we track our coffee's path from pod on a tree to pour in a pot. Our latest Sustainability Report releasing this month will talk more about our traceability initiatives and we welcome any feedback on how to better tell our coffee's story.

Traceability is just a subset of our goal at Royal Cup to sustain great coffee for generations to come. Because when you sustain great coffee you can then serve great coffee. And to be honest, that's where our passion lies.