Video: Timelapse of a Coffee Plant Sprouting and Growing

Reading time: 1 minute

You've consumed it plenty of times in liquid form. But have you ever seen a coffee plant go from a seed to a full plant?

It's easy to forget what all goes into a cup of coffee. Best estimates normally place around 70+ coffee beans into each cup of coffee that we consume. That being said it's easy to take for granted how beautiful and amazing the coffee plant truly is!

If you've never seen a coffee plant in action then look no further! We've found this beautiful video by Kåvekalmår Coffee roaster in Hungary. Take a watch and see a few small coffee seeds blossom and grow into beautiful, fully grown plants!

It truly is an amazing video. Here's some of the stats from the video

  • 100 ripe coffee cherries
  • 2 flower boxes
  • 2 cameras
  • 150 days of 24/7 principal photography
  • 200,000 frames

Truly an awesome undertaking! Enjoy!