What Is Nitro Cold Brew Coffee?

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Nitrogen is a colorless, odorless gas that can be infused into a keg of cold brew coffee to yield a foamy, caffeinated beverage known as nitro cold brew. It's a totally new experience for coffee lovers, and has been gaining wild popularity in the specialty coffee industry. Some companies, like Joe Tap, even make machines specifically for serving nitro cold brew. 

Why Is Nitro Cold Brew Cool?

Nitro cold brew has a gorgeous reverse cascade, so it's really cool to watch. The drink tastes creamy and fizzy -- some say it has the mouth feel of a Guinness beer (minus the alcohol taste, of course). Cold brew is smoother and less acidic and bitter than traditional iced coffee, and it's a little more caffeinated. (here's the full list of differences between the two). 

How Does Nitro Cold Brew Work?

We start by using mixing our artisan Organic H.C. Valentine cold brew in a metal keg and hook it up to the Joe Tap machine. Then, a high-pressure valve shoots an infusion of nitrogen bubbles into the liquid, resulting in an ultra-creamy, frothy delight.

Nitrogen gas doesn't easily dissolve in water, which gives the brew a thicker, more velvety mouth feel. In fact, many believe that the nitro cold brew method has the ability to make black coffee taste smooth, sweet, and rich in body -- like it had sugar and cream added already. 

Don't believe us? We'll just leave you with this...