Which Royal Cup Beverage Are You?

Reading time: 2 minutes

It’s no secret that we’re all a little coffee obsessed here at Royal Cup. Whether it’s our Espresso Roast or one of our organic teas, we love each blend for its unique taste, aroma, and boldness. No two flavors are the same – each taking on their own unique personality. Which prompts the question – if you were a Royal Cup beverage, which one would you be? Read about our different blends to find your match!

Espresso Roast: The Energizer Bunny

If you’re a no snooze, early morning wake-up-call kind of person, then you’ve found your match with Royal Cup’s Espresso Roast. With 50 mg of caffeine in every 2 oz, this coffee is LOUD and ready to party. Your personality may come across as “a- latte” to some folks, but at the end of the day your energy and fun radiate the room. You keep doing you, espressos!

Donut Shop Signature Blend: The Sunny Encourager

If you enjoy the sweeter side of life, you’re a Donut Shop Signature Blend! You’re always there to encourage and uplift your friends – day or night! With bright flavors and hints of caramel, you’re constantly sporting a smile. As one of our best sellers, you’ve never met a stranger and make friends effortlessly. We’re grateful for all the Donut Blends out there who liven up our lives!

Prideland Dakota Roast: The Helping Hand

You’re reliable and hardworking -- the person you call when you’re in a bind. Nothing pleases you more than a hard day’s work and a sense of tradition. But don’ be mistaken, your disciplined ways doesn’t mean you’re boring! You’re packed with flavor and a powerful boldness that we all need to get through a tough day.

Organic Coconut Bliss Hot Tea: The Yogi

Do people say you have a calming personality? Meet your match – Organic Coconut Bliss Hot Tea. For starters, you’re organic – meaning you’d prefer an afternoon hike over a night on the town. But don’t be fooled, you have some flair – this tea’s aroma of pineapple and light, clean flavors are exotic, yet relaxing. You’re the breath of fresh air that we need to keep going!

Just like our Royal Cup blends, everyone has a unique flavor and spice that makes them BREW- tiful. Did you find your drink doppelganger? Share which type of Royal Cup beverage you think you are on FacebookInstagram and Twitter!!