Which States Tip the Most in Coffee Shops?

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Is your state stingy when it comes to tipping at coffee shops? A recent survey by Square ranked each state by its barista-tipping patterns.

You may be surprised, but the top tippers in the U.S. were North Dakota, Alabama, and Georgia, coming in at around 20-21 percent, while Massachusetts, Vermont and New Hampshire were at the bottom of the list with a tipping average of 15-16 percent. What's up with that, New England? 

While the notion of tipping your barista for a $2 cup of coffee can seem awkward, workers in the service industry say it's becoming the norm.  

Max Brown, the owner of Chinatown Coffee, which uses the tablet-based Square payment system, told the Washington Post, “I would say that 75 percent of people leave a tip...It’s such a subjective thing.”