2 Simple Tips to Saving Money While at Work

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Are you like most Americans and spending $3000 a year on lunch and coffee while at work?

Packing a lunch can be a pain. By the time you've had your morning coffee, taken a shower and completed your other morning motions the last thing you feel like doing is making a sandwich or quick meal for later. The bad news is buying a lunch every day will result in an average of $148 per month out of your budget if not more.

According to accountingprinciples.com the average American spends $2000 annually on lunch outside of the workplace. Think that's bad? 

The same survey reports that Americans spend $1000 annually on coffee outside of the office. A staggering amount considering the majority of companies (76% according to NAMA) provide free coffee as an employee benefit. That trend would suggest then that bad office coffee is costing employees. 

It's time to reduce your personal expenses while at work and save money

  1. Pack your lunch
  2. Enjoy the office coffee

These numbers suggest bringing your lunch and drinking the office coffee will save you around $3000 annually or a minimum of $120,000 in your lifetime. If you're somewhere in the average income in America ($46,326) that means you're spending 6% of your overall annual income on food and coffee alone. Get rid of that bad office coffee that's driving you into the overpriced arms of chain coffee shops day in and day out.

It's time your office gets a coffee program that you enjoy and has the flexibility to continually provide new innovative products and flavors. Save money at work, drink good coffee.

You can find out more about how we can save your employer money and make the workplace the best it can be on our Office Coffee page