4 Tips for an Awesome Office Break Room

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It's everyone's favorite space in their office. It's a mini escape, the place to find coffee and a place to congregate.

Here's 4 simple tips to have an awesome break room!

  1. Different colors: Let's face it, we can't all be Google and have massive open floor plans with giant break rooms and glass walls. However even if you're in a small start up the color of your office can be as important as the office itself. According to smallbusiness.com the color of your office walls can be used to motivate (or de-motivate) your employees. And while convincing your CFO to repaint your whole office might be a bit of a stretch, throwing a couple coats of paint on those tired Break Room walls will do wonders for you company. Your break room should be just that, a break from the normal.
  2. Open Space: Now we understand it's hard being in a small building or space and have any extra space to gather but there is a lot of value in having space for people to congregate, have coffee, talk and feel like they're apart of a team. Open space to meet (outside of a meeting room) provides a relaxed atmosphere that allows employees to relax, connect with one another and enjoy their lunch/coffee/office! 
  3. Healthy food options: Let's face it. Office life can turn into a doughnut and coffee fueled frenzy if you don't watch it. Help your employees stay as productive as possible with some healthy food options. The Harvard Business Review reports that employees who are offered healthy food options such as produce or almonds and protein bars are happier, more productive and energized at work. 
  4. Great coffee: Speaking of energy at work nothing picks up a weary employee like a great cup of coffee. And that's not just us saying that, that's science. Make sure your employees are getting the finest coffee around. According to Business Insider good office coffee is the one thing you have to splurge on when it comes to office perks. Is your coffee program a little less than substantial? Well lucky for you we can help with that. Check out how here

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