5 Coffee and Tea Trends That'll Be Huge This Year

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Coffee and tea may have been around for hundreds of years, but new ideas and recipes are always emerging in the ever-changing world of food and beverage. While we'll always think a great cup of black coffee is a necessity, we like to stay on top of up-and-coming trends in our industry so we can better serve our customers and their customers. Here's what we're predicting you'll see in the near future.

1. The "M" word

When it comes to coffee and tea, millennials aren't satisfied with "hot and black". They care about different things than previous generations -- like customization, beautiful packaging, sustainability, and responsible sourcing. (RELATED: Here's how we're working to become more sustainable). 

2. Nitro everything

Nitro coffee or cold brew is filtered through a tap system to make it fizzy and creamy, like the head on a well-poured beer. We predict that we'll be seeing even more innovation around this -- like nitro lattes and flavored cold brews.


3. Spicy and sweet

Pumpkin spice is so last year! The big flavor trends for 2017 and beyond include flavors like chai, chicory, sassafras, and even chilies (just be sure to temper the spice with something sweet like honey, chocolate, or fruit so it doesn't burn the palate).

4. Cold Brew is still hot

Cold brew isn't leaving the coffee scene any time soon, but we think flavored cold brew and cold brew cocktails are becoming increasingly popular.

5. Non-dairy milks

Have you been to a grocery store lately? Coconut milk, soy milk, cashew and almond milk are mainstream now! For the health conscious or those trying to avoid dairy, non-dairy milks offer a sweet, light, and nutty addition to coffees and teas.