Case Study: Pantry Service

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A break room is more than a break room. It is a place for employees to gather, mingle and enjoy their place of business!

Client Problem:

A large financial-technology firm had experienced tremendous growth from a start-up to 200 employees in short time. They were managing the breakroom supplies with non-commercial grade equipment, along with several vendors for various supplies. The online ordering made it very difficult for the client to keep products stocked and would not allow for any type of tracking. They also wasted many employee hours everyday ordering supplies, refilling bins and filling condiment trays. Not a good use of anyone's time.

Situation Analysis:

We offered an on-site needs assessment where we saw many out of date products, popular items not in stock, and equipment not being maintained. Because there was no control on the inventory, the supplies were scattered and they wasted valuable employee hours with the stocking, ordering, and slow moving products.

Proposed Solution:

  • Product: Because of the many taste profiles in the office, Royal Cup suggested a two-prong approach with our Keurig system for coffee/tea/hot chocolate and Nespresso machines for espresso style drinks. For the pantry service, we narrowed down the snack choices to 28 popular varieties down for the 100+ they had on hand before. We incorporated several healthy options along with traditional snacks, cereals, and other assorted flavors. For cold drinks, we recommended a popular soda can products and a wide variety of carbonated water flavors.
  • Equipment: Royal Cup suggested commercial grade equipment that could keep up with the demands of the office and be within safety codes with UL listed equipment.
  • Distribution: Royal Cup set up a central stock room to handle all 3 floors that would be delivered too every Monday. We utilize our handheld system for inventory management to ensure fresh products and no overstocking.
  • Service: Each week Royal Cup's Territory Manager stocks this area par levels on Monday’s. Throughout the week we follow up stocking of the break areas on Wednesdays and Fridays with one of our field Customer Care Reps.

Solution Rationale:

Our client wanted to stay competitive in the financial services category to attract and retain employees. The commercial grade equipment, a variety of great products and service levels ensure employees have all supplies as needed.

Final Results:

The client has been thrilled to offer a custom made program with a wide variety of snacks and beverages while maintaining their budget, eliminating product waste and hours of service from their internal resources.

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