Case Study: Solving a Nationwide Customer's Need for Sustainable, Better Tasting Coffee

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A case study on how we provided a more sustainable and better tasting coffee option to a national client.

Client Problem:

Increase the client's focus on sustainability, improve the quality of the cup of coffee they were offering to employees and finding a single vendor for hot beverages, cold beverages snacks and the other break room items.

Situation Analysis:

Royal Cup has made sustainability a top priority over the last couple years and have many offerings both in and out of the office to achieve this goal.  Being a top 5 roaster in the US, we are "coffee people!"  We know good coffee and have many options available to suit the different palates that exist in an office.  We are a customized provider and have just about anything available in order to meet the program goals of our clients.

Proposed Solution:

  • Product: We upgraded their program to the Virtu bean to cup program, incorporated our single cup Roar pod program, UV water filtration, soda fountains where it made sense, offered a full line of bulk and individually packaged snacks as well as the additional coffee related ancillary products and the Eco-friendly paper line.
  • Equipment: Royal Cup provided brand new equipment throughout many of their offices. Along with providing condiment organizers for the coffee related items, we offered customized snack solutions which included display metro-racking systems and gravity fed dispensers. As with every national account, for added protection, our Leak Prevention Program was installed on all hot and cold beverage equipment
  • Distribution: All offices under our program have been set up to have a visit from one of our friendly Territory Managers.  Our service model is customized per office location and the frequency is determined by the size of the office.  Our weekly or bi-weekly visits include taking inventory, cleaning, servicing and maintaining all equipment, filling whole bean and powder bins on the Virtu, replacing bag-in-the-box containers on the soda fountains, filling the Roar coffee merchandisers and condiment organizers, developing relationships within the client contacts and communicating any necessary information back to the Royal Cup team.
  • Service: This particular client was looking for a single source for their entire office beverage and snack experience for their employees.  They enjoyed working with Royal Cup and after a handful of collaborative meetings, Royal Cup has able to hit the mark and exceed their expectations on all facets of the program.

Solution Rationale:

Provide a better cup of coffee with an environmentally responsible program. While keeping things simple with one provider for their program that gives a customized program solutions with minor tweaks per office to meet their individual needs.

Final Results:

This client requires their associates to work long hours and the associates must remain in the office to get their job done.  They very much appreciated the new bean to cup program as well as the beverages and snacks that were now available to them.  What a great perk!  As mentioned, sustainability was a big focus and it showed through our program.  The partners of the firm as well as associates noticed the change and were happy to see that their vendor partner shared in the same environmentally conscious efforts.

For more on how we support our national accounts be watching for our Royal Connection page coming soon!