Coffee 101: 5 Facts That Will Impress Your Friends

Reading time: 2 minutes

Here at Royal Cup, we’re all coffee nerds. We travel the world tasting and learning about the history, unique elements, and flavors that make up our delicious products. But how much does the “average Joe” know about America’s favorite beverage?

Today, we’re sharing a few fun facts to keep your coffee street cred alive. Whether you’re facing your friends in a game of trivia or talking to the hipster barista at the coffee shop, these five facts will undoubtedly impress even the most cultured coffee experts.  

Gracias, Brazil!

According to the International Coffee Organization, Brazil produces the most coffee in the world. In this country, coffee isn’t just a drink — it’s a way of life! Royal Cup proudly sources our artisan coffee blends from the best and most environmentally friendly producers throughout Brazil, Mexico, South America, and Columbia.

Truly the G.O.A.T

Legend has it we should credit goats for the discovery of our beloved pick-me-up. In 800 A.D., an Ethiopian shepherd named Kaldi noticed his goats dancing oddly after consuming a small red fruit. After the goats wouldn’t sleep, he tasted the berries himself and proclaimed their magical effects. Over time, his discovery turned into the coffee obsession we all know and love today.

We’ve “Bean” Lied To

Get ready for your mind to be blown… coffee beans aren’t actually beans at all. They’re seeds! Each coffee bean is a pit of cherry-like berries found on flowering shrubs around the world. Their strong resemblance to legumes gave them their name today.

A Groundbreaking Invention

We all know that terrible feeling of reaching for coffee only to find an empty pot. In 1991, a group of researchers at the University of Cambridge were sick of this disappointment and took matters into their own hands – inventing the world’s first webcam just to keep an eye on the office coffee pot! Desperate times clearly called for desperate measures (but let’s be honest, we would’ve done the same thing if we were smart enough!)

Fins for the Win

Think you drink a lot of coffee? Finland probably has you beat. According to the International Coffee Organization, the Finnish have the highest coffee consumption in the world, at 12.5 kg per person. That averages to 2.2 lbs. of coffee PER MONTH! Although we’ll always think Royal Cup is the king of coffee, we respectfully admire their dedication. Maybe it’s time for a vacation to their brew-tiful country!

We hope you hit the ground running sharing these fun facts with your friends! Find more interesting coffee facts on our blog.