Royal Cup Rebrand Q&A: ROAR

Reading time: 2 minutes

The Royal Cup team is excited to introduce ROAR, a line of bold, yet humbly exquisite coffees and teas. We wanted to take a few minutes to answer some of the most important questions you may have about ROAR and discuss this wonderful line of products!

What makes ROAR’s products different?

ROAR products are uniquely crafted using the world’s finest coffee beans and tea leaves. All cherries used in these coffees are sourced from ideal growing regions, climates and altitudes to ensure the highest levels of consistency in quality, taste, flavor, aroma and body. ROAR’s undeniably superior coffees and teas are responsibly sourced, certified sustainable and easily traceable from the point of origin to your cup. Royal Cup utilizes only the best-available technologies to blend, roast and brew ROAR’s premium coffees and teas.

Who was the ROAR brand made for?

ROAR products are made to fuel the go-getters of today and the high achievers of tomorrow! This line is for those who want to reward themselves with the best. The ROAR product line is more than just a premium coffee and tea offering – it’s a brand designed for those who are ready to make bold statements. 

Why should I drink Roar products?

From brilliantly diverse flavor profiles to our impactful brand story, every aspect of the ROAR product line is designed specifically for those with exquisite taste who demand nothing short of excellence in every cup. Royal Cup’s product development teams work closely with our green coffee buyers, tea leaf buyers and roastmasters to monitor consumer trends and create premium products that define quality standards within our industry. Additionally, a portion of every serving is donated to support charitable organizations that work to protect the environment and improve the lives of people around the world.

Does ROAR offer both hot and iced teas?

Absolutely! ROAR’s iced tea leaves are grown specifically for iced tea to produce a naturally sweet flavor. Our iced teas come in a variety of flavors and are all Rainforest Alliance Certified. Our organic hot teas are produced with meticulously plucked tea leaves and available in both traditional and botanical blends.

Does ROAR coffee come in single serve?

Yes! Our single-serve pods come in pre-packaged, environmentally friendly filters that produce a superior single cup with each use.

Will I be able to grind my own coffee beans?

We offer a selection of whole bean bags so that you can brew the perfect pot of coffee right from your home. For the freshest, most authentic taste, ROAR coffee is available in 2.5 lb. whole bean bags.

Can I offer ROAR products at my business?

ROAR offers complete coffee and tea solutions for progressive restaurants, high-end hotel chains and businesses, providing reliable delivery, sophisticated equipment, numerous brewing options, product education and unrivaled customer service. Simply put, ROAR products are crafted for modern businesses using the world’s finest coffee beans and tea leaves. 

We hope you enjoy these humbly exquisite coffees and teas!

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