"What's In Your Cup?" with Tim McCune

Reading time: 3 minutes

Get ready for a fresh take on ‘What’s In Your Cup!’ We’re bringing it back, bigger and better than ever. In this edition, we caught up with Safety Manager Tim McCune. Tim’s passion for safety and his Royal Cup family is infectious. We were thrilled to sit down and share a cup of coffee while we learned more about him.

We began by asking, “Tim, what’s in your cup?”

“I like to stay with the old standards, the European,” Tim replied. “I like it because it’s not too harsh, it’s light in the middle and it’s comfortable,” Tim said with a grin.

Tim began working as the Safety Manager for Royal Cup in 2014.

“This is my 10th year; can you believe that,” Tim asked. As Tim reflected on his time at The Cup, he shared how much his role has changed since he started.

“Starting out here, I was given a blank canvas where I could start my own program,” Tim said. “The time went by so fast because there is always so much to do. My job is always changing, that’s what makes it interesting.”

Throughout his decade at The Cup, Tim has developed and implemented numerous safety procedures, trainings and programs for employees, but most importantly he has helped change the culture of safety in the workplace.

“Starting out, my main thing was to provide a safe environment for our employees and change the culture and people’s mindset about safety,” Tim said. “Over the years, our culture has changed, and now everyone knows what the safety expectations are, and they follow it no matter what.”

Tim’s passion for safety began well before he started working in Alabama for Royal Cup. His story begins in a small farming community in Indiana. “I’m not an original southerner, so to speak, I grew up in the Midwest, huge farming country,” Tim explained.

It was here that Tim experienced many members of his community falling victim to serious farming accidents. “That’s the reason I got into it,” Tim stated, “I saw that in my community and thought there is something going on here that could be better.”

Tim graduated college and went straight to work in the safety field. He has remained in this business for roughly 40 years, fueled by his passion for safety. “That’s why I’ve always stayed in the safety business, I’ve never done anything else my whole career,” Tim said.

It was the people in his Midwest community that led him to the safety field, but it is the people of Royal Cup that has kept him here. “I think that’s one of the things that keeps you here, the people. The people are so cool, there’s some great personalities at The Cup,” Tim stated with a smile. “I think what motivates me is just the opportunity to provide a safe workplace for our employees.”

Tim believes that our employees set us apart from other businesses. “I think that’s what separates Royal Cup from the competition,” Tim explained, “we have great people out there with great work ethic and ideas.”

Tim’s role at The Cup allows him to work with people in every department. “I’m all over the board, that’s what’s fun,” Tim said with a grin. “That’s what keeps me charged up and keeps me going.”

As our conversation with Tim began wrapping up, we asked him about some of his hobbies and passions outside of The Cup.

“I like sitting outside and watching the squirrels and birds run around, I like playing golf, but mostly I like flowers and yardwork,” Tim said. “I know a lot of people hate mowing and yardwork, but you know, I kind of dig it,” he said with a laugh. “It’s peaceful and gives you something to do with your hands. You have to detach yourself from the phone sometimes,” Tim explained.

We ended our chat with Tim by asking him what the best advice he had been given throughout his life was.

“Honesty,” Tim stated. “Be honest about everything, even if it's the truth and people don’t like it, it’s always the best way to be,” Tim said.

On that note, we can honestly say that Tim’s passion for safety and for the people around him is evident. We hope you enjoyed getting to know Tim and his role at Royal Cup. Stay tuned for the next edition of What’s In Your Cup.