4 Environmentally-Friendly Coffee & Tea Habits to Practice

Reading time: 2 minutes

Our team prides itself on keeping sustainability top of mind, so it’s no surprise that we’re all big fans of Earth Day! From the farms that grow our ingredients to the factories where we brew our coffees, Royal Cup is committed to championing social responsibility, economic stability and environmental stewardship in all that we do. This Earth Day, we want to inspire our loyal customers to give back in their own way by sharing some sustainable, environmentally-friendly coffee and tea habits. 

Reusable Cups & Straws

Did you know that nearly two-thirds of Americans drink coffee every day? That’s a whole lot of Royal Cup! While coffee is a wonderful way to kickstart your morning or catch up with friends, it can also produce a lot of waste in the environment depending on the kind of cups you use. In fact, people around the world produce more than 335 million metric tons of plastic each year with more than half of that being made for single-use products. Eco-friendly cups and paper straws are great to use day-to-day and cut down on plastic. You can also find the perfect reusable thermos or mug that both helps the environment and adds to your coffee aesthetic! 

Composting & Gardening

There’s no better time than Earth Day to put your green thumb to work! Composting is an efficient way to turn organic waste into mulch and fertilizer that can fuel your garden with the nutrients it needs. Tea and coffee are full of ingredients that can supercharge your compost and help you grow fruits, vegetables and herbs all year-round. You can also use coffee grounds in your garden to act as a repellent for snails and slugs.

Fair Trade Products

Fair trade products have become increasingly popular in recent years, expanding into day-to-day items such as clothing, fruits, and of course – coffee and tea! These products are beneficial to both the environment and economy and are held to various sets of standards to ensure they follow sustainable practices. We’ve increased our commitment to fair trade products in recent years by quantifying the impact of the ingredients we use and partnering with more Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee and tea farm producers.

Charitable Giving

Donating to organizations and non-profits that focus on environmental efforts is a wonderful way to make a difference on Earth Day. In fact, you can give back even by simply buying from Royal Cup! We donate a portion of every purchase of ROAR coffees and teas to groups dedicated to providing clean water to people around the globe. Now that’s a cup full of care!

We’re proud to support sustainable efforts and will always stay conscious of the impact we have on our employees, customers, partners and communities. No matter how big or small, make a difference this Earth Day by trying out some of these environmentally-friendly habits in your life!