9 Must-Have Items in the Breakroom

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The breakroom is an essential part of every office space. When well-stocked, it’s a great way to make your employees feel valued and appreciated. At Royal Cup, we’ve seen our fair share of breakrooms – the good, the bad and the ugly (you know, cause we’re the coffee people). So, trust us when we say, although not the focal point of the office, the breakroom is not to be overlooked. Don’t let your breakroom be the target of passive aggressive Facebook posts (yes, we’ve seen it happen) and negative office gossip – keep your employees happy, energized and productive with our nine must-have items!

Bean-to-cup Coffee

You’ve probably heard of farm-to-table food, right? Well, we offer bean-to-cup coffee-making systems that put the freshest coffee beans right in your cup with the simple click of a button. Check out how our Jong Duke Virtu system reshaped this entire office environment!  

Alternative Dairy

In case you don’t get out much, let us be the first to tell you that there are many great options to customize coffee to one’s taste preferences outside of the standard go-to’s (e.g., heavy cream, half-and-half, etc.). Coconut milk, almond milk, cashew milk, and soy milk are all effective and tasty alternatives to traditional dairy milk and creams. It’s important to have these options for employees who are health conscious or have dairy allergies.

Cause Coffee

We all want to do good (while also protecting the environment) right? Royal Cup is committed to sustainability and strives to make a difference. We have partnered with the international non-profit Neverthirst to provide clean water to underserved communities around the world through the sale of our Roar coffee pods.

“Gathering” Places

Collaboration typically is a critical component of the modern workplace, so make sure your breakroom offers places for employees to gather around a table and enjoy good food and conversation (and coffee, of course!).


If you’ve been anywhere that serves warm beverages, you’ll know chai is a popular item on most menus. What you probably don’t know is that Chai is actually a type of Indian tea, which is made by boiling tea leaves with milk, sugar and cardamom spices. The taste of chai can also be incorporated into lattes, cocktails and other drinks.


Literally meaning “powdered tea”, matcha is a special form of green tea that recently has become a popular alternative to java. Don’t worry – matcha still contains caffeine, and even has been shown to boost metabolism and protect against heart disease.

Pantry Service

Nurturing a positive, energetic company culture is crucial for attracting and retaining younger employees. Consider investing in a workplace pantry stocked with a wide variety of items so employees can freely indulge in sweet snacks, tasty beverages or other delicious, caloric pick-me-ups at the office.

Nitro Cold Brew

These days, cold brews are a must-have for the office breakroom. But what is nitro? Think about the head of a well-poured beer. A particularly new and innovative product, Nitro cold brew is filtered through a nitrogen tap system to make it fizzy and creamy – a certified winner amongst all those with a propensity for trend-setting.


You may love your traditional coffee pot, and we certainly understand the resistance to changing something that works. Personal preferences aside, single-serve pods are another option that may be a good fit for your office. With employees coming and going at different times or a smaller office staff, single-serve brewing provides a quality cup for one.

Your new workplace motto? Say “no” to bad office coffee and “yes” to new and innovative breakroom options that will help make your employees feel valued. With the help of our blended solutions, your workplace breakroom quickly can become a place where your employees love to spend their time (but not too much time, of course!).

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