How Coffee and Tea May Benefit Heart Health

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If you love coffee and tea, good news: these fan-favorites also love you back.

Research shows that compounds in both tea and coffee may benefit your cardiovascular health. They affect everything from cholesterol to brain function and blood sugar levels. Additionally, these benefits may become even more apparent as you age.

As if you needed another reason to sip your favorite beverages and feel good about it, right? This Valentine’s Day, discover more on why tea and coffee are part of a heart-healthy routine.

Tea’s Benefits on Heart Health

A recent report from the American Heart Association shows that tea consumption may improve brain function, defend against some types of cancer, and improve cholesterol. Tea also appears to slow the natural loss of good cholesterol that comes with aging, which also helps to keep bad cholesterol in check.

Some scientists believe the benefits of tea are due to its high antioxidant content, with higher concentrations of antioxidants found in green tea and black tea. These antioxidants, called polyphenols and catechins, have been linked to lower inflammation, lower blood pressure and overall higher heart health in numerous studies.

And if you can drink your tea plain (without tons of sugar or honey) and at a lukewarm or cooler temperature, it’s possible that you can receive all of these benefits.

How Coffee Improves Heart Health

Drinking one cup of coffee a day may reduce the risk of heart failure? Sign us up!

The American Heart Association made this same claim, citing three newly published studies that found people who drank caffeinated coffee had a lower risk of heart failure.

Similar to tea, coffee is rich in antioxidants and serves up a number of health benefits. Antioxidants are thought to prevent cholesterol molecules from changing into heart-damaging plaque on the artery walls. Plaque blocks blood flow and can cause a number of heart-related health issues, including high blood pressure, coronary artery disease, and heart attacks.

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