The Sum of Us: Jeanettie - Executive Admin, Birmingham, Alabama

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Each month we visit with one of Royal Cup's stellar personnel! This month we talk with one of the faces behind the scenes - Jeanettie.

We love to feature the different faces around Royal Cup in our monthly employee spotlight, which we call The Sum of Us. This month we talk with Jeanettie, who is our one of our amazing executive administrators. Jeanettie and our team of executive administrators all keep Royal Cup running from behind the scenes and keep the rest of us in line! Jeanettie has an amazing Royal Cup Story so everyone welcome Jeanettie.

Meet Jeanettie: 

Jeanettie Sanders, Executive Admin to Howard Chapman, Pres Office Coffee Division, 6 years in February.

I assist Howard with daily activities such as reporting, travel, meeting, etc. Provide assistance to the Office Coffee Division overall as needed, maintain reporting for OCS new business commissions. Provide admin support to the OCS Central Region. Provide assistance to the administrative support group regarding C4C.

You recently were recognized with a big award at our Company meeting. Can you tell us a little about this award and what it means to you to win it?

I was recognized as the Sales Support Administrative Person of the Year. I was honored to receive this recognition for 2015. There are so many well deserving administrative support employees at Royal Cup and I definitely have to take a moment and thank each one of them for their help and support throughout the year. 

You live in Oneonta, a little outside of our Birmingham headquarters. If you could tell people visiting to try out one restaurant in your town which one would it be? 

I would say Charlie B’s. It is a locally owned restaurant that serves veggies buffet style for lunch and on weekend nights he serves a fine dining experience with steak and seafood and occasionally live local music

If you could only drink one Royal Cup coffee or tea for the rest of your life what would it be?

Sweet tea

What is your proudest accomplishment since being at Royal Cup? 

My proudest accomplishment would have to be my remarkable daughter. She is a high school senior and preparing to attend UNA in the fall with a tuition scholarship.

I would say my proudest accomplishment at Royal Cup is earning the trust and respect of my peers trying to be the “go to” person when someone needs help. I know how important it was to me when I first began working to have the help and support of my peers and I want to be able to return the help.

What does Royal Cup represent to you?

I believe Royal Cup does have the best quality coffee and tea; however, what Royal Cup really means to me is a group of people that does not look at just the bottom line. They genuinely are interested and care about their employees and peers. Royal Cup has leaders that want to empower people to lead and make an impact not only in a financial sense but in making difference in world around us, starting with employees and family. As a single working mother it means a lot to me that I have never missed a varsity softball game since my daughter began playing the 7th grade. I appreciate my boss who knows those opportunities to make memories and build relationships only happen for a short time.

I really wouldn’t want to work anywhere else.

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